There are many machines available and be sure we will have one that suits your establishment.
From combination machines that come in various sizes, to stand alone drink or snack machines depending on what is most appropriate.
All Machines are supplied and installed at no cost to you, they are insured and well maintained with regular servicing by our dedicated staff.

Snack Vending Machine

This Vending Machines is ideal for large site locations and offers maximum product variety and is equipped with the latest Sure Vend guaranteed product delivery systems.
It has a large variety of products that can be vended – everything from chips to chocolate to bags of lollies cookies and healthy snacks. It is truly a versatile machine with large capacity.
Snack Vending Machine

Drink Vending Machine

Drink Vending Machine We also supply drink vending machines. It is suitable for sites with large amounts of staff.
It has 5 drink selections and compact enough to fit in most sites, it’s able to vend cans or 600ml bottles and has the capacity to hold 290 Cans.

Medium Combination Vending Machine

This machine is great  for smaller areas and lunch rooms where space is limited. It still vends 30 different types of items which will include a good variety of snacks  and drinks. Medium Combination Vending Machine

Large Combination Vending Machine

Large Combination Vending Machine The larger machine we supply is great for large spacious areas with a lot of staff. It has 60 selections which will vend a total of 420 items, depending on the way the machine is configured.

We also have other machines not listed above. We are confident we will have a machine to suit you.

It’s as simple as that!