Coffee Vending Machine No more mess on the bench from employees making their own coffees and teas.
No more hassles of having to physically stock the tea rooms with coffee/tea facilities.
The coffee machines are always kept fully stocked and cleaned and are serviced weekly or as many times as needed.
Everyone gets to enjoy delicious, high quality, cafe-style coffee
Highly personalised service
A cost effective package offered
Ongoing service for staff who are working overtime or weekends
Highly reliable Necta & Saeco Coffee vending machines- the best in the market!
LAVAZZA Coffee Beans!

Espresso Vending Units

Our coffee machines automatically provide freshly ground coffee, individually ground and brewed for every cup at the push of a button as well as a delicious blend of our own exclusive Hot Chocolate.
It provides a variety of hot beverages:
Short Black
Long Black
Short White
Flat White
Hot Chocolate
Espresso Vending Machine

Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza Coffee The coffee we will be providing you will be “LAVAZZA” Professional Range “Grand Espresso” 100% Arabica beans coffee, which is a well rounded medium roast coffee and provides a thick crema and nutty aroma.

Lavazza Cremosa Milk

“WITHOUT THE SKIM MILK POWDER TASTE IN YOUR COFFEE” Lavazza Cremosa low fat milk is a high quality skim milk powder used to enhance the flavour of the coffee.
It is equally important to use high quality milk, as it is to use high quality coffee beans.
The combination of the rich, thick crema from the freshly ground Lavazza coffee beans and the creamy taste of Lavazza Cremosa will ensure your coffee experience will be just like the rich full bodied taste you get from your favourite café.
Lavazza Cremosa Milk

Cost for Vending Services

Office Coffee Machine The cost for this service is absolutely FREE for All Vending machines provided.
If machines require breakdown service or any other attention, we do not charge a call out fee and there is no fee for service charged.

Response Time

We offer a highly personalised service with our response times being the fastest in the vending industry of which being no more than 1 hour, contactable 24 hours 7 days a week. Saeco Coffee Machine

Machinery and Price

Kikko Max Coffee Vending Machine We are offering you an attractive multi-product beverage machine at no cost to your organisation.
The machine will be stocked, cleaned and fully serviced weekly or as often during the week as required.
We will organise to have the coffee vending machines ‘plumbed’ into your existing tea rooms/kitchens with all plumbing expenses covered by us.
However at this time the machine can run on its on water tank.
Price per unit is offered is a very competitive price of  $2.00 per vend.